Interviews with creators, kickstarter videos, how to play videos... Watch this space for video content!


Kickstarter Video

When we first made Kitsune: of Foxes & Fools, we launched it on Kickstarter with this video - relive some of the game's history!

Rkade Interview

One of the earliest interviews of creator Ian Price, at MetaCon 2013.

Early How to Play Video

During the kickstarter project, we posted this video, in which Ian explains in 5 minutes or less how to play Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools.

7 Realms Productions Review

At Gen Con 2014, the 7 Realms Productions crew interviewed us, and got a very concise explanation of the game from one of our convention assistants, with prototype game cards for visual aids.

Midwinter Gaming Con Interview

Creator Ian Price and CEO Susan Price were interviewed again more recently at Midwinter Gaming Convention by GameCentric TV.